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About CKfood

Natural vegetarian regimen


    Vegetarian food and an insistence on 100% natural vegetables have been traditions for thousands of years. In 1992, combining our professional skills with the idea of producing the purest vegetarian foods, Chyuan Kuang Foods Corporation created vegetarian ham and Paiyeh tofu, with soybean protein as the major ingredient. The smooth and tender texture, excellent quality, zero cholesterol, and absence of preservatives ensured that these products were favored by consumers and strict vegetarians, and assured by long-time vegetarians. The production volume and sales of Chyuan Kuang Foods are among the nation's highest.

Outstaning technology is the foundation of product development


Possessing considerable experience in the development of food products, the company owner, Mr. Te Chung Wu, uses his wealth of skills, finely-tuned senses, and exacting attitude to develop, research, arrange, and produce foods. After hundreds of experiments and successes, from nothing to fruits, Mr. Wu’s subtle smile conveys his the determination to deliver and insistence upon product quality, and expresses the self-confidence and concentration of Chyuan Kuang Foods. Always insisting on 100% vegetarian ingredients, Chyuan Kuang Foods has passed non-animal gene tests and have been certified by the national GMP food standard. Consumers can enjoy vegetarian food with confidence. The company’s automatic production technology of throughout the entire production flow is assures the quality of our throughout the entire production flow is assures the quality of our products and is praised by domestic and international consumers alike. When they buy our products, that can be certain of buying one hundred percent vegetarian foods that are free from cholesterol and preservatives, products that consumers can healthily eat with total confidence.

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